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Masterlist of Fanfiction
So I finally got around to making a masterlist for (hopefully) easier navigation of all my fiics, particularly the ones that haven't been posted to my lj. This includes all of my fics on livejournal from, wow, 2007!


Dull | Junsu-centric OT5 | PG | Angst | Character Death | COMPLETE
Nothing feels the same without five.

Backtrack | Yunho/Jaejoong | PG-13 | Drama, Romance | DISCONTINUED
After a bizarre accident during a performance of 'Choosey Lover' Jaejoong has amnesia, only retaining his memories from before the age of five. On indefinite hiatus, the boys take care of the main vocalist and in the process find that the accident may not have been an accident at all.
I. Waiting, Watching, Hoping

And Lead Me Not | Jaejoong/Junsu | R | Drama, Angst, Romance | AU, Sacrilege | COMPLETE
Written for in_vazn   prompt table #6: the Ten Commandments. One, a bad seed with a worse reputation, the other the pious filial son of a well-off family, Jaejoong and Junsu learn just what it means to love thy neighbor.
I. Thou shall not covet your neighbor's goods.
II. Thou shall not steal
III. Thou shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
IV. Keep holy the Sabbath day
V. Thou shall not use the name of the Lord, your God, in vain.
VI. Thou shall not have other gods beside me.
VII. Honor your mother and your father.
VIII. Thou shall not commit adultery
IX. Thou shall not covet your neighbor's wife.
X.  Thou shall not kill

As Seen By Moonlight | Jaejoong/Yunho, Yunho/Jaejoong, Yunho/ Junsu | R | Horror | COMPLETE
In the wake of a great tragedy, Yunho falls prey to something surreal and learns more about the nature of humanity than he wants to know.
ONE- Mirage
TWO- Drawings in the Dust
THREE- Failing Candles

Scandal (Or Rather, and Account of Just Why X-Man #45 Took Much Too Long to Film) | Yunho/Junsu, Kim Jong Kook/Junsu, and various others | PG-13 | Crack, (Botched) Romance | DISCONTINUED
Yunho just wants everyone to know that Junsu's ass belongs to him, but things just don't want to go his way when surrounded by sunbaes at at a filming of X-Man, all of whom want what's his.


Shadows In the Mirror | Junsu-centric | R | Angst, General | DISCONTINUED
When Junsu loses his voice, he begins to lose everything he knew as himself. Written for in_vazn  prompt table #3- the Seven Deadly Sins.

o1. Pride

o2. Fury

Bad Neighbors Series | Yunho/Changmin, Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | Crack | COMPLETED

Can't Live With 'Em- Changmin can't stand his neighbor and he does everything to make sure the hate is mutual.. err.. kind of
Can't Live Without 'Em- Oh, to be a Yunho in love, trying to woo a neighbor that is more than a match for him
Here- All Yunho wants is for Changmin to move in, is that really so hard to ask for?

Steel Wings Over Swords of Ash
| Yoochun/Changmin | R | Apocalyptic-AU, Angst, Tragedy | Character Death | ONGOING

i. What Lies on the Horizon (Far too Late to Back Out Now) When the apocalypse hits, most of the human population of Earth escapes to colonies on other planets, but for those who are stranded on the dying planet it's a truly different story indeed.
ii. Ghosts of Whatevers (Something Lost and Something Gained) To survive, one only needs the tools and the will.
iii. Lines of Definition (Where You and I and Them Begin) Yoochun comes to understand the storms through Changmin. The apocalypse has never felt better.
iv. Requiem (Truth in All its Hideous Glory) It is never too late to mourn those who have passed and the heart doesn't soon forget the ache of the pieces it's lost.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow | Yunho/Changmin Jaejoong/Junsu;Jaejoong/Junsu/Yoochun | PG-13 | Crack | ONGOING
Changmin wakes up one morning to find his world turned rather upside down and the world of the The Wizard of Oz-but-not lands up on the door step. Something of a quest to find his pants and the others and the "real world" ensues.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

Ticker | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Supernatural AU, Romance, Angst | ONGOING
Changmin is gifted with the ability to know when people around him will meet Death. He takes it upon himself to warn those who don't have much time left of their impending demises to give them a chance to live to the fullest. As appalled as he is by his power, Changmin doesn't believe he deserves love until he meets Yunho, a man with little time and so much to lose.

Chapter 0

Chapter o1

*denotes a Random Generator prompt, titled by prompt


Easy Love | Jaejoong/Yunho, Yoochun/Junsu | G | Angst 
Jaejoong thinks about being in love.
Undue Perfection | Yunho/Junsu | PG | Angst
Nothing is perfect, but the slivers of happiness that Yunho can glean from stolen moments are all that he needs.

Costumes | OT5 | PG-13 | Crack
It's Halloween and the boys decide to get into the spirit.
As Seen On TV | Changmin/Junsu | PG-13 | Crack
Changmin finds himself inspired by a commercial for Lindt truffles.
There | Junsu-centric OT5 | G | Fluff
Their love for Junsu reaches Junsu even when he's busy for his birthday.
Attention | Changmin/Yoochun | PG | Romance
Changmin wants Yoochun's attention and he's determined to get it.
Gift | Jaejoong/Junsu, OT5 | PG | Fluff
Christmas isn't really Jaejoong's thing, but there are four people who can make it better.
Realism | Jaejoong/Changmin | PG-13 | Romance
For lmaii  
Consolation | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | AU, Romance, Angst
Jaejoong's a writer, used to bouts of dizzy inspiration, but one day he dreams up Xiah, he finds himself in over his head.
Sinking | Yoochun-centric OT5 | PG | Slight Angst, General
Sinking came to define everything that Yoochun was.
For the Sake of Tomorrow | OT5 | PG | Angst
They're overworked and tired and so, so sick of it all, but they forge on. For each other. For tomorrow.
Deal | Yoochun/Junsu | PG | Romance
Yoochun can't do love like business...
For His Touch | Yunho/Yoochun | PG-13 | High school AU, Romance, Angst
Irrational, irresponsible, confusing.... the things one does for love.
Three | Yoochun-centric. Jaejoong/Junsu, Yunho/Yoochun/Changmin | PG-13 | Romance, Angst
Yoochun struggles between two. Doppleganger fic.
Between the Lines | Yunho/Changmin, slight Yoochun/Changmin, slight Yoochun/Junsu | PG | Angst
Somewhere between the leader and the youngest, something dropped out of the translation.
Something Beyond Nothing | Broken Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Angst
And all the words between them lie shattered amonst the hopes and dreams. Sequel to Between the Lines.
Panes of Frosted Glass | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Romance
Yunho knows what he wants, but he's almost sure he's not allowed to have it.
Morals | Jaejoong/Junsu, Changmin/Junsu | PG-13 | Vampire AU, Angst, Romance
Junsu is a hunter caught in between two necessary evils.
Warming His Heart | Yoochun/Changmin | PG-13 | Fluff
Three times Yoochun tries to woo Changmin and the one time he doesn't have to
In His Thoughts | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Fluff
Yunho does his best to make Changmin think just of him
Texting Practice | Yunho/Changmin | PG | Fluff
Yunho works oh so hard to practice his texting
Nerves | Yunho/Junsu | NC-17 | Smut
Junsu's nervous before a concert. Yunho's willing to help.
Sneaking Out | Yunho/Changmin | G | Fluff
Sometimes, they have to make time for each other, but it's  well worth the trouble.
Cohesion | OT5 | G | Crack,  Fluff
They start out as a family of five with a little girl. They end as a family of six that never lets go. Or simply, the fic in which DBSK adopts a little girl and things happen.
Freudian Slip, or rather, Jung Yunho Goes to the Looney Bin | Yunho/Changmin | NC-17-ish | Crack, Smut
Yunho's roommate thinks he's out of his mind and Yunho goes to visit the psychoanalyst, Dr. Shim, to get his head picked clean. Well, sort of.
Passion | Yoochun/Junsu | G | Angst
Junsu loves with all of his heart and Yoochun is blind to it.
Requiem | Junho/Yoochun, Yoochun/Junsu | R | Angst, Romance | Character Death
Yoochun mourns for Junho. He finds something he needs in Junsu instead.
Dimming | Jaejoong-centric OT5, slight Jaejoong/Yunho | R | Horror | Character Death, Disturbing Imagery
Jaejoong loves and loves and believes they deserve only the best
Limits | Yunho/Junsu | G | Fluff
Late nights working hard and Yunho knows all
Spotlight | Yunho/Changmin | G | Fluff
They've been invisible for far too long
See No Evil | Yunho/Yoochun | PG-13 | Angst
Yoochun goes through the motions of living, trying more than anything to forget.
So This is How the Story Goes | Yunho/Junsu | PG | Angst
One story, different skins to hide under but any way you have it, it's about being in love.
The Schematics of Being Special | Yoochun/Junsu | PG-13 | Angst, Romance
High school is all about angst and some can't help but try to understand it all.
Streaming to You Live | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | Crack
Jaejoong is not made for live television. This is why.
Tactile Sense | Yoochun/Junsu, slight Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Crack, Fluff
Yoochun likes to touch. The world knows it.
The Benefits of a Compulsion | Yoochun/Junsu, platonic!Jaejoong/Yunho | R | Crack
Jaejoong thinks he needs another sort of picture in his collection of pictures that ought-not-have-been-taken
Commitment | Yoochun/Yunho | PG-13 | Angst
Yoochun struggles to let himself let Yunho in
Calculus | Changmin/Yunho | Light R | Crack
Yunho would like to be the tangent line to Changmin's curves
The Silly Little Things | Yunho/Changmin | G | Gratuitous Fluff
Yunho is a sap for Changmin
Momentary Delusion | Changmin/Junsu | PG-13 | Romance
Just when things look like they're ready to go all downhill, a little vacation might just be the thing to bring all of the brightness of the past to the present.
Intentions | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Crack
Yunho tries his hardest to be sweet. Changmin cannot appreciate it.
Better | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | General, Romance
Jaejoong has a string of downs. Junsu is his ultimate up.
Universality | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Crack
All it took for Yunho and Changmin to get together was the universe, and a pebble.
A Risk of Flight | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | Romance
Jaejoong submitted to the mundane without an idea of how little of a fight he really gave. Junsu helps him remember what it's like to dream.
Haloesque | Changmin/Junsu | PG | General, Romance
Junsu's been trapped for a long time. Changmin's  just the sort of man who can save him.
Puppy, Or Rather, Kitten Love | Yunho/Changmin, Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | Fluff, Crack
Yunho thinks they would all look better as kittens. It causes a bit of trouble.
Open Shutters | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG | Fluff
A deeper look speaks as loud as their love.
It's the End of the World as we Know It | OT5-ish | PG-13 | Crack
I.E the fic in which Jaejoong loses his handphone
Umbrella (I Draw an Answer) | Yunho/Junsu | PG-13 | AU, Romance, Angst
In the end, it's about being together.
Cinderella Complex | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | Crack, Romance
Jaejoong drinks. He drinks a lot. By some miracle, this leads him to find 'the one.' Jaejoong's dilemma? He can't remember anything but his stranger's lips.
Forfeit | Yunho/Changmin, Jaejoong/Changmin | PG-13 | Angst

Modified iTunes Meme Challenge | JaeHoSu/JaeChun/YoochunUnspecified/Yoosu;Hosu/EveryoneYunho/Yoosu/None/JaeSu/YooSu/MinSu | R Overall


Cracking Foundations| Ted/Barney | R | Angst
She promised she wouldn't break up anymore of Ted's relationships, but this thing with Barney had to stop for all of their sakes.


Fixation | Justice/Anders, Anders/m!Hawke | PG | Romance, Angst
Justice learns about all that is wonderful and terrible outside the Fade. The world is much more complex than he can imagine


Untitled | Hyukjae/Junsu (Super Junior/DBSK) | G | Angst
It's not the same anymore.
Lessons (Hands on Experience) | Minwoo/Yunho/Junsu  (Shinhwa/DBSK) | R | Smut
During an episode of X-Man, Minwoo decides that he's got plenty to teach his dongsaengs.
Perfection As Dictated | One-sided Seungri/Junsu, Youngbae/Seungri (Big Bang/DBSK) | PG-13 | Angst, Romace
Lee Seunghyun follows Xiah Junsu, Seungri is somewhere else entirely
Bridging the Gap | Yoochun/Seungri (Big Bang/DBSK) | G | Romance
Yoochun's never had a thing for dancers, but he thinks he could change his mind.
Consent | Yoochun/Seungri (Big Bang/DBSK) | G | Crack
Seunghyun, for once, honestly hopes that Yoochun is drunk.
Impulses | Seungri-solo!, Slight Seungri/Junsu (Big Bang/DBSK) | R | Crack
Seungri wishes he weren't hosting music core with DBSK performing. Afterall, it's one thing to meet your idol, it's another.. well, it's another thing entirely.
That Which Binds | Gackt/Junsu | NC-17 | Smut, Romance-ish
Junsu lives music and Gackt wants a piece of it.

*denotes a Random Generator prompt, titled by prompt


Reset | None | G | General
The morning resets the clock in Junsu's heart and everything seems brighter.
Reverie | OT5 | PG | General
In their dreams they can be anywhere as long as they are together.
Melody | Jaejoong/Junsu | G | General
Jaejoong doesn't need to ask what's wrong to understand
Feelings | One-sided Yunho/Junsu, implied Jaejoong/Junsu | G | Angst
Yunho wants to be the one Junsu comes to when it all becomes too much.
Consolation | Yunho/Junsu, Jaejoong/Junsu | G | Angst
Companion to 'Feelings'. It's taken Junsu  far too long to see.
Humor | Changmin/Junsu | G | Fluff
Changmin doesn't really like oyaji gags, but he likes seeing Junsu smile
Three Hours From Midnight | Yunho/Junsu | PG | Angst
Junsu can't wait that long for Yunho
Souls on Street Corners | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG | Romance
Some chance meetings happen for the best
*From Dusk Till Dawn | Yunho/ Junsu | G | Fluff
Yunho remembers his first night at Junsu's house clearly.
*Good Pretender | Yunho/Changmin | G | Fluff
If Changmin can do anything, Yunho can do it better, but sometimes they both fail.
*Badass | Jaejoong/Changmin | PG | Humor
Jaejoong wants to bring out Changmin's inner rebel
*Enough is Enough | Changmin/Junsu | PG | General
Changmin knows that if Junsu needs time to rest, he needs to make time.
*Pain and Worries | Junsu/Yunho | G | Fluff
If Yunho has trouble, Junsu knows just what to do to help
*True Love Doesn't Have a Happy Ending | Yunho/Yoochun | PG | Angst
In the end, it was pride that got in the way.
Native Tongue | Jaejoong/Changmin | PG-13 | Humor
Jaejoong isn't sure that he likes Changmin picking up on his dialect.
*Money Money Money | Changmin/Junsu | PG-13 | Romance
Changmin wants to buy Junsu's heart too.
*I Heart You | Yoochun/Changmin | G | Fluff
He loves how simple emoticons can make Changmin smile.
*Sorry Girls, I'm Gay | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG | Fluff, Crack
Jaejoong bought that shirt for Junsu for a reason
*Blackmail | Yunho/Junsu | PG-13 | Humor
Heechul should really learn to fear Yunho.
*Shuffle | Changmin/Yunho | PG-13 | Romance, General
Poker's more fun when you're betting for love
*I Don't Really Care | Yoochun/Junsu | PG | Angst
Yoochun's just being nice
*Too Bad It's Not You | Changmin/Jaejoong | PG | Angst
Jaejoong just wants Changmin to love him. Changmin's a little too caught up to see it.
*Happy Torture | Yoochun/Junsu | PG-13 | Angst
Junsu puts up with Yoochun
*Military Training | Yunho/Yoochun | PG | Humor
Yoochun thinks that Yunhowould make and excellent drill instructor.
*Stop Lying to Me | Yunho/Junsu | PG-13 | Romance
Junsu needs to stop lying about how he feels
*Hold My Hand | Junsu/Yoochun | PG | Fluff
Yoochun hopes to go through life holding Junsu's hand
*Boys Don't Cry | Jaejoong/Junsu | G | Fluff
Five-year-old Jaejoong knows just how to make his best friend feel better.
*Are You Scared of the Dark? | Yoochun/Changmin | PG-13 | Crack
Yoochun needs to think through his plans to get Changmin in bed more thoroughly.
*Love Damage | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | Angst
Their relationship had been one mistake after another.
Anxieties | Changmin/Junsu | G | Fluff
Junsu can't seem to sleep the night before their debut.
*Closet Sadist | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | Angst
Jaejoong can't help but try to break him.
Dessert | Yoochun/Yunho | PG-13 | Humor
Yoochun is ever grateful for Yunho's love of betting
*Too  Much Beer is Bad for Health | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | Humor
Or maybe it's just Junsu who'll be the death of him.
What He Doesn't Know | Changmin/Jaejoong | PG | Angst
Can only hurt Changmin all the more
Sugar | Yoochun/Jaejoong | G | Fluff-ish, Humor
Yoochun just might need coffee as much as he needs Jaejoong
Excuses | Jaejoong/Yoochun | PG | Humor
In the face of their manager, Yoochun's just got his story all wrong
Smile | One-sided Yoochun/Junsu | PG | Angst
Yoochun wishes that Junsu would smile for him
*Tickling Game | Jaejoong/Changmin | PG-13 | Crack
They aren't sure when 'one-touch' started to spiral out of control, but they all want to end.
Trick | Yoochun/Changmin | PG-13 | Crack
The element of surprise is essential. As is not getting murdered by one's boyfriend.
*Just One Night | Yunho/Junsu | PG-13 | Angst
They have one night to make up for all the time they've lost
*Can You Hear Me? | One-sided Yoochun/Jaejoong | G | Angst
Yoochun wants Jaejoong to hear him.
Hospital Beds | Junsu/Yoochun | PG | Romance
Junsu hates the hospital, but he loves Yoochun.
Amusement | Changmin/Yoochun | G | Fluff
Amusment parks create the perfect excuse to coddle one another
Feeding Time | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | General
In Jaejoong's (non) professional opinion, Junsu needs to eat more and diet less.
Love Line | Jaejoong/ Junsu | G | General
They move away but never apart.
Lesser of Two | Yoochun-centric OT5 | G | General
Yoochun's been in the dark for a long time.
Unbalance | Jaejoong/Junsu | G | Romance
Junsu thinks there just might be something wrong with him.
Expectations | Jaejoong-centric OT5 | G | Humor, Fluff
Jaejoong really shouldn't expect any less on his birthday
Corpus | OT5 | PG | General
They are all implicitly important to each other
Narcissist | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG | Fluff
Junsu's attention is really just so hard to get
Hump Day | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG-13 | Crack
Outside of their busy schedules, Jaejoong is hunting duck
Peter Pan | Yunho-centric OT5 | PG-13 | Fluff, Crack
Yunho doesn't really want to grow up, especially if the others do before him.
Planning | Changmin-centric OT5 | PG-13 | Crack
Changmin plans. Backfiring ensues.
(un)Invincibility | Yunho-centric OT5 | PG-13 | Tragedy | Implied Character Death
The world spins even though Yunho's not ready to move on
Beauty | Yunho-centric OT5 | PG | General
Yunho won’t admit the hours of careful reflection he’s spent on their images alone.
Ideology | Jaejoong/Junsu | G | General
In Jaejoong's romantic world, Junsu's idealism is his obstacle. And before he can fall it must be overcome.
Labor | Jaejoong-centric OT5 | G | General
It’s too easy to remember six out of eight sisters being too grown up to play and his parents working all hours to bring them all up. Too easy to evoke the images of being alone in Seoul with friends too far away.
Purgatory | Jaejoong/Junsu | PG | Angst
He tries to listen to his heart- knowing that it no longer belongs to him, but has perhaps always belonged to Jaejoong
Mutiny | None | G | Humor
It’s a fine morning.
But something is wrong with the world, Yunho’s sure of it.
Confession | Yunho-centic OT5 | PG | Humor
Yunho takes it all with a grain of salt- he’s a man after all, a busy one- and he means to answer with something suave.

Itunes Meme Drabbles | None/OT5/ JaeSuHo/JaeSu/HoSu/YooSu/MinHo | PG overall
Random Prompt Generator Fic Dump | JaeMin/MinSu/SuJae/JaeSu/HoMin/Yunchun/MinHo/MinJae/HoSu/Yunchun/JaeSu/JaeSu | PG-13 Overall


Fire | Barney-centric | PG-13 | Angst
Barney liked to play with fire
Black Widow | Robin/Barney | PG-13 | Horror
Robin knew very well that Barney was an unwell man.


Idolize | Seungri/Junsu (Big Bang/DBSK) | PG-13 | Angst
Seungri has never had anything for Junsu but love and admiration
Eccentricities | Gackt/Jaejoong (Gackt/DBSK) | G | Humor
Jaejoong likes being the center of attention
Competition | Gackt/Yunho (Gackt/DBSK) | PG-13 | Crack
The least of their manager's ideas was to put Yunho and Gackt in the same room, at least, for the manager himself.
Enigma | Gackt/Changmin (Gackt/DBSK) | PG-13 | Crack
Changmin is not pleased by puzzles that he can't solve.
Jealousy | Gackt/Yoochun (Gackt/DBSK) | PG | Crack
Yoochun does not understand why the others make Gackt fit so well
Winning | Gackt/DBSK | PG-13 | Crack
The one in which Gackt wins at everything and the Dong Bang Boys win Gackt.

Fics are listed in each section in chronological order, going downwards, so the fics towards the bottom in each section are more recent. Lol,  you can tell where I got lazy making the list, but there were just so many drabbles...

Anywho, Please tell me if any of the links don't work or lead to the wrong thing so I can fix it. Happy reading!

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a long Masterlist!!!
Glad I found things I haven't read!!!!!!

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